SelfEnabler is a pioneer initiative that aims at redefining and restructuring of Teaching-Learning Process. It acts as a tool in coordination with the existing methods of Teaching-Learning to enhance students' understanding and persona.

SelfEnabler is a technology driven tool based on neoteric approach that enhances a students' cognitive skills. It is a tool of augmenting ones intellectual thinking.

SelfEnabler verbalizes modified assessments in accordance with training curriculum and presents actual evaluation on individual students' performance. SelfEnabler is a cluster of self learning assessments, sub-categorized into various subjects, topics & sub-topics. It applies innovative solutions to solve analytical problems & designed to ensure maximum learning. It measures, analyzes and improves student's skills by providing a standardized mechanism for the evaluation of individual performance at each level of academic journey.

SelfEnabler Often misinterpreted as a Test, SelfEnablerTM is a self critiquing tool. It offers the students an opportunity to prove their capabilities, develop their strengths and identify the areas of comparative weaknesses. It empowers the students with the ability to evaluate and analyze themselves. Best of all is that, it provides immediate feedback to the students.

This unique tool aims at putting an end to rote learning and promotes conceptualized approach to impart training. It concentrates on minute details of all the topics and spots and therefore, accordingly works on the weak areas of the student.

SelfEnabler works as a problem identifying tool. It enables a student to be a:
- Self-Tutor
- Analyzer of Problems
- Researcher of Solutions
- Critical and Rational Thinker
- Self Reliant In context of the neoteric approach, SelfEnabler acts as a path-breaking tool that adopts modern techniques of learning. It enables a student to become an all rounder and to be an individual who attains the capability to overcome the conventional methods of learning.

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