SelfEnabler is a mechanism designed by Talent4Assure which enables the students to assess how much they know about the topics taught in the class or tuition. Based on neoteric approach, SelfEnabler enhances a student's cognitive skills enabling the student to learn more and learn better. We give a new meaning to education assessment by also providing educational videos. We merge classroom education with online assessments to provide you the best of both the worlds.

e-Home Work

We provide e-homework facilities which act as a bridge between traditional education system and the existing technology. What it does is that it provides the students with an online platform for homework. This makes it easier to assess the performance of the students and to improve the performance of the students by giving them regular homework based on the subjects and topics that the students need to focus more on instead of providing the students with generalised homeworks.


Entrance Tests

We conduct entrance exam after 12th.These questions are completely original and unique. Every question is drafted with great care by experts.The test meets all international standards and are directed to an industry specific job role.

Scholarship Tests


We have pioneered the art of conducting online assessment tests with our innovative product, "BEST": A National Scholarship exam. It is an online Scholarship Test for school students.


It is the first free scholarship test ever. We have a range of online tests which we provide to both, individuals, as well as companies. Our services have been known to be at par excellence and highly reliable.

Practice Tests

Talent4Assure helps companies recruit right and better people with their unique Psychometric Assessments


Practice Tests are one of the most common resources used by teachers to identify suitable students. It is a lot more beneficial for the students to assess themselves throughout the year than what they do, which is to assess themselves once or twice an year.


Talent4Assure brings innovative methods of assessments to the students so that they feel compelled to give practice tests throughout the year to improve their understandings of the subjects and their underlying principles.


Talent4Assure improves the quality of acquired candidates in the long run and avoids employee turnover. The tests meet all International standards and are directed to an industry specific job role.

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